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    Aelhiel Helvindar
profession: assassin

   Gossip tells he derives from one of the highest noble Houses of the Third Floor – the deepest part of the underworld. But today the only echoes of his descent are those reminded by hostile Oussar clan, which never ceased to continue trials of tracking and killing the last member of the abhorrent Helvindar House.
   In his escape, Aelhiel finds himself in Naggarond, the capital city of the Underdark engulfed in chaos of war for power. Here, unexpectedly he’s given a commission he can’t reject. Comission, which will entangle him in the intrigue reaching the highest authorities of the underworld.
   Aelhiel is taciturn and untrustful by nature and former expierience thaught him to count only on himself. He doesn't look for a company and those he's forced to have contact with holds on distance and in contempt. It's easy to annoy him and even easier to offend, which both usually end with a knife in your stomach.

    Nalfain Desprahel
profession: bladedancer

   Temple guard, one of the many knights in the service of Archpriestess of Naggarond. Recently, he's fulfilling the duty of the guard captain.
   Nalfain is a born nobleman, the eldest son of one of the greatest Houses in Naggarond. Proud and arrogant. Accustomed to obiedience and giving orders, he's demonstrating superiority over everyone else. However, raised in military rigour he is absolutely loyal to Archpriestess Xune.

    Xune Aleaniryn
profession: Shilen priestess

   The Archpriestess of Naggarond, sister of the Mistress of the ruling the city clan. She will do anything for one purpose: destroy other clans and take over the complete political power in the city. Despite the fact that her influences are undisputed, she never engages into conflicts directly – rather than that she prefers to plot. Guided by pure ambition and being very impulsive at the same time she tends to lose control over herself and make risky decisions. According to the principle that the end justifies the means there are no lengths to which she wouldn’t go – including using the temple guard for private purposes or hiring the assassin.

profession: bladedancer

   A young temple guard who approached Aelhiel in the Shilen temple with a strange offer.

profession: bladedancer

   A former captain of Har Gareth - the temple guard. From the unknown reasons the archpriestess wants him dead. Booohoo.

    Yaldrah Shyntrae
profession: sorceress

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