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  1. Is 'The Dusk' based on:
-> Lineage II
It was at the very beginning. Of course, we conceived the idea of doing the comic playing L2. However, it was only the rough concept like "hey, let's make some fantasy story with this two handsome boys". Then, we started planning, rethinking the idea... The further we went with the storyline, the more different it turned out. We ended up with our own universe that has very little in common with Lineage world.
However, we decided to keep the specific name of goddess Shilen, even if the goddess herself is much different from original. Let it be a wink to all the Lineage fans reading this :).
-> Forgotten Realms / R.A.Salvatore Drizzt Chronicles
No. There certainly are some similarities (the underground city, the dark-skinned elves, etc.), but unintentional. Sry, no winks to Drizzt fans :P.
-> Drowtales
What? Hell no.
-> Final Fantasy 8
Sorry. Fur collar is a pure coincidence. xD

2.How do you ink your pages?
Traditionally: sakura micron pens on paper.

3.What kind of paper do you use?
Deleter Comic Book Paper type 135-A4

4.What do you use for toning?
Manga Studio Debut 4.0

5.Is there any chance for yaoi/bl?
More than a chance. XD

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